I’m pretty frustrated with my novel at the moment. I want to go back, I want to fix things, the story going forward doesn’t satisfy me because I think it can be more clever than this. I think about my other projects with a measure of longing because they’re still so shiny and new. I haven’t stretched them or worried them until I don’t even want to look at them anymore. WA….I don’t even know if it will be a good story. Will people like it? If I don’t like it, how can anyone else? First and foremost, I must write for myself, but this is PURE CRAP.

In other news, I’ve been reading a lot of YA lately and I just have to….I don’t know ask myself why I’m not please with most that I’m reading. The characters just don’t connect with me, their choices don’t make sense, and in many many ways they don’t feel real. I really worry that my book is going to come off like that as well. I try to learn from these authors, asking why those characters don’t feel real. A lot of it stems from assumptions the writer makes about the reader, that they will hold similar values to the character and not question why they feel this way.

But can writing become bogged down in the other direction as well?



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