TV Rots Your Brains Out

Ever heard that? I don’t think I really believed it until I started writing. Okay, so here’s the part where I reveal that I’m a complete and total psycho:

I hear voices.

Not mean or bad voices and most of them sound like me anyway, but nonetheless, most of my stories come from these voices. They’re like little elves, always chipping away at a plot or character or scene etc.

But here’s the odd thing that happens when I watch TV–the voices go away. It’s incredibly frustrating because I LOVE TV but I can’t WRITE when I watch it!!


One of the authors I admire most is absolutely ADDICTED to television. I HAVE SHOWS TO WATCH DAMN IT. And no amount of warming up or scene sketching helps. Just…have to not watch TV for another day and just like that, the voices are back.

Normally I do agonize a lot over what I write because I do want some sense of purpose/conflict/soul injected into it. Sometimes it takes a bit of writing to find it, but when I watch TV I flounder and I can’t take my characters where they need to go. You know, where they need to go, not just just their destination. orasitjoiwerjqoirjq

Okay, I’m done. No writing for today, just endless amounts of reading author blogs.


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