Writing is HARD

In theory, it shouldn’t be. You see stupid stuff on TV and being published all the time. Why should you have to hold yourself to such a high standard when slosh is polished just enough to be published anyway?

I don’t know. That’s the honest, honest truth. If I really wanted to,  I think I could push all my idiotic writings into a simple story and have that published.

But that wouldn’t really satisfy me I guess.


Lately, the writing front hasn’t been so great. I like coming home and just vegging out, playing Guild Wars 2, talking to my friends, surfing the internet. Even at work, which was where I was writing most of my stuff, I am not doing much. I started a new manuscript but doubts about whether I can push through again with my WILL even with under-developed characters and plot like I did with SoaW doesn’t appeal to me. I’m just so tired.

And I have to revise my first manuscript because I promised myself that this time I would! Where does this girl who wants so much from life even come from and why am I not her most of the time? I’d rather be a little busy bee clacking away, being productive, doing what I said I’d be doing, but mostly I’m not. I think I’m doing something wrong a lot.


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