Writing again

I trunked SoaW and am going to try a new project to see if I can work better with a thorough outline of what is going to happen. I worry at times that my resolution is too silly, but I’m trying to make it so that it ties into everything. For now, the working title is A Queen Hidden and it’s about a girl, kidnapped on her wedding day who escapes and goes into hiding. It’s a loose, loose retelling inspired by Snow White except it’s told from the queen’s perspective. Also it’s a loose retelling, did I mention? I don’t think many people are going to pick up that it is even related to Snow White.

SoaW was kind of a retelling of Sleeping Beauty except the prince was asleep.

Maybe I can rework SoaW into a short story??

Sigh. So my friend wants to do a writing challenge and this time I think I’m going to work really hard to produce something polished and publishable. I don’t have much time before law school starts and I really want to at least have a solid draft ready to send out.

Re-reading the old entries of an author where she details the days before she got published for moral support.


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