Remember what you have

Dear me,

You got really frustrated with your life today and I thought it was time to bring you back to the center. You are a very, very, very lucky girl.

Your family is wonderful. Your brothers are wonderful. You lucked out.

You’re not disfigured and you have all your limbs, fingers and toes. You have a full head of black hair.

You have a job that pays well and lets you read a lot more than you should.

You’re going to a good law school on a generous scholarship.

You live in the 1rst world and not in the 3rd world.

You are still young and sharp in the head.

You can form words enough to write a book.

You have good friends.

You know how to use computers and even build one.

You’re open to change and well educated.

The world is ahead of you and it always will be ahead of you no matter how old you are. Don’t back down.

You are alive.


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