LA Times Book Festival

What a weekend!

I don’t think I am gifted enough to fully express in words the utter rapture I was in meeting and listening to all of these AMAZING PEOPLE.

I think I’m going to review a few books, at least the ones that came out very recently and also my first ARC?!!!!! It was the Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter and I didn’t know she was giving out ARCs but.but. but. I got one anyway and I’m ashamed to say I admitted I didn’t finish reading the first book yet. Or the second one. I didn’t know the ARC was the third book. Please forgive me Aimee.

I got a sunburn for the first time in…9 years almost? I suffered for those books in the hot sun. I met some cool people. And boy, I should have realized that it’s a different world out there than what I imagined. More like an anime convention than I thought it would be. A lot of fangirls especially since Cassandra Clare and Veronica Roth were there. I saw both. >_> I will not admit the shameful way I skipped the line to get my book (freshly bought, because I only have the ebook). Okay it was completely legitimate, I did not CUT, I am not entirely without morals. I just, you know, got my books signed by Victoria Schwab who was next to her and….asked if she could sign mine after. She was so cool and so intimidating. I will sound like a creeper if I continue any more, but man, she is to me, DAUNTLESS.

Ok, because I am a little monkey girl, I just about died haha. I also saw Sarah Maas on Sunday and I am not ashamed to admit I shelled out for parking just to get two books signed by her. There wasn’t really anyone I wanted to listen to that day, but since she was there I had to go. I missed Marie Lu on Saturday which I’m kind of sad, but I didn’t know she was going to be there. I follow her on Twitter did she announce anything??? Haha…..

But some really famous authors were there and I hope next year is just as great. Also I sat in on two YA panels and they were SO DIFFERENT from each other. Both all women, but one was about like…High school and romances/coming of age and the other was DYSTOPIAN SCIENCE FICTION. I prefer the second genre, but it was really, really interesting and at heart I love all of these authors who pour their souls into words that glow bright.

Stay tuned for possible book reviews. Or not. Nobody reads this blog hahah I am free.


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