What I Learned About Writers

Writers are insane.

There was one common thread I noticed while listening to authors speak at the book festival and it was that there were voices in their head that wouldn’t go away until they were written down. Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a coping tactic for a serious disease.

And as I learn more about crafting my own stories and writing more, it’s getting me too.

I have a long drive home and I do a lot of thinking in my car. Yesterday, on my way to my car, I decided that a minor throwaway character is actually a secondary character. And then, suddenly I went into how he fit into this story and who he was, because as I wrote him during my session yesterday, he showed himself to be more than a background man. I felt his struggles and the man he was trying to be, but also, the man he thought he wasn’t.

I’m not going to lie I fell head over heels for this guy and suddenly he was the love interest for my girl.

I had a love interest. His name was Matteo. He was going to be clever and funny but instead I replaced him with this absoluteĀ brute of a guy who is short with his words and can crush your head between his biceps. Crush it like a sparrow egg.

Don’t even get me started on my main girl and her step-daughter.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if a story like this is marketable. Haha, Pierre is certainly no Flynn Rider. But maybe it’s also my way of bringing to life what Flynn Rider was supposed to be. If you look at his early concept art, it sort of fits my image of Pierre, but Flynn was toned down and made less threatening.

My other character Bianca began as my princess archetype but slowly she’s taken a life of her own. She’s the queen that Ilya wants to be. And man, when I figured out what she actually was, I discovered a whole new story there. It’s disgusting how far I’ve veered from my outline and I don’t know where to go now. Sigh.



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