A few days ago, Hyperbole and a Half returned. For those of you who don’t know, that is a blog run by Allie Brosh. It’s clever, it’s funny, and it makes me cry.

For nearly a year? Two years? It was static. Nothing on her twitter, not even replies. I thought it was done for good.

Until she posted again.

And you guys? She was seriously depressed for the longest time. And here I am whining about how I can’t push out work because my voices won’t talk to me, or putting it to some other excuse. No, the truth is, I’m afraid to push into it. I need to sit my ass down and just write, but everything in me is fighting it.

Being unhappy is easy.

Changing that, trying to be happy again, is hard. Being unhappy is about being passive and letting your surroundings affect you. You are no longer the main character, the protagonist, in that case.

Be the protagonist.

Take charge of your narrative.

You. Affect. Things. They don’t affect you.


When you have all the time in the world

What would you do?

In two weeks, my time with my current job is coming to an end. I’m leaving on good terms and everyone was kind to me during my tenure here. I’m glad it didn’t explode in my face as it normally does.

So soon I’ll have all the free time I could want and I’m trying to plan for that. I know I want to write a lot, but as I discovered that one terrible day where I made it a ‘work’ day and wrote for 8 hours…it burns me out. It burns me out terribly. Which I don’t understand because I write a lot during my ACTUAL work days and those are 8 hours too?? It’s not like I was writing the ENTIRE time. I spent like, half of it on the internet and playing games. It burned me out so much that I couldn’t write for the next few days.

My analysis of those events is that I write most when I’m procrastinating and when I don’t watch TV as mentioned in a previous post. I still had some go-go juice on that Saturday, but I also watched TV on Sunday and just gave up. So I think my Saturday evenings I’m going to watch Doctor Who and Gravity Falls with my brother, catch up on shows…and then take a rest day on Sunday. Get back into it on Monday and just write write write.

I made a new tumblr about writing…basically it’s mostly reaction gifs. It’s starting to get bigger now and I can’t stop CHECKING IT. UGH. IT”S WORSE THAN WHEN I GET VIEWS HERE. HAHA.