Writing Progress Blog Hop

Hey there! I’ve been MIA because in real life I am a law student with a lot of regrets about choosing law school plus I have to deal with exams coming up. Anyway–not much writing getting done as a result.

Rosie over on twitter tagged me for this blog post so I guess I have to dust this old thing off and give it a go. You can visit her here!

1. What am I working on?

Before I lost my sanity over school, I was working on a 3rd draft of my baby manuscript Queen of Shadows. It was going good, at least right before I had to stop. I was meeting with my writing partner weekly and writing with her. I had to rework the characters, the plot, the mythology, and it just exploded into this huge story that wasn’t really there before. Such is writing! I love it!

Other than that, I’m stewing over Rose in the Stars, my failed NaNoWriMo baby (killed last semester by exams too). God, every time I think about the characters and the story I just get so giddy. Sometimes I listen to the playlists I created for both of my books and I want to drink deeply from a bottle of wine. It’s like listening to a mixtape your ex made. Except you made it. And it’s about people who don’t exist except in your head. 

When I first started Rose, it was like any other idea I’ve had in that it resulted in a flurry of writing and me crowing over every scene and line. I need to learn to harness that better because I took a break and never got it back again. So I’m trying to plan a little more, write down the scraps that come to me in a brainstorming notebook, and just stew. 🙂 

I don’t really have much other than that! 

2. Why do I write what I do?

Tough question. Why? I couldn’t tell you really. I read a good reason why Melina Marchetta writes fantasy and it resounded with me. I’m an extreme person with (at times) extreme values concerning honor and what is right. It’s a bit silly to be that way in the real world, but it totally works in a fantasy world. What I’m saying is, I’m a drama queen.

Science fiction goes hand in hand with fantasy. It’s nearly the same thing at its core (at least, the kind I like to read anyway).

3. How does my writing process work?

Ideas come to me when I least expect it. Sometimes it’s after I read or watch something really good and I have more questions. Other times, I am just sitting there and suddenly I’m on my knees screaming, “I HAVE TO WRITE IT. TELL ME MORE BRAIN.” Okay, and this is bad, but sometimes I just really, really love a character and want to make a story for them on their own.

After I get my idea, I ask a lot of questions. These days, I try to write down what comes to me initially. I flesh it out as much as I can, but I don’t outline in the traditional sense. Traditional outlining is too stiff and rigid for me and I end up making inorganic choices that make me not want to write. I just do it, scene by scene, the “headlights” method if you will. 

Right before I write, I jot down a quick sketch of the scene: the characters, the plot points, the actions, etc. Then I slave through it because writing is hard, I am bad at it, and first drafts suck. 

Revising is easier for me because I can see a bigger picture. I’ll be like, “Oh, I have to add this so this other things makes sense later. Oh, they should have a turning point here. Oh–damn it why didn’t I think of it before now I have to change stuff.” I don’t line edit at this stage, but I do tweak some wordings just to make myself happy.

I’ve never really gotten to the stage where I polish my work within an inch of its life, but hopefully soon!!

I tag Christine!!!!


3 thoughts on “Writing Progress Blog Hop

  1. Wow, Rose in the Stars is such a beautiful title!!!! And whoah, that metaphor about listening to a mixtape your ex made, except you made it … jeez, that’s so true, when it comes to lost baby books. ;_; Will you get back to Rose in the Stars at all?

    And thank you for the shoutout! 😀 *happy dance*

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